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Every Day Conversations / Re: Adult Children that have Moved back IN?
« Last post by MaryB on Yesterday at 10:00:51 PM »
Hi FeelingBetter!   :039:
Naw,  I just really wanted to hear other people's experiences with this but I guess I'm the only one here.  I'm handling it...  lol 
Our Empty Nest / Re: Garage Sale - How Much do You Keep Versus Sell?
« Last post by noodle on Yesterday at 04:14:52 PM »
How much of your kid's baby and childhood things do you keep versus giving away or selling?
When our boys were toddlers, we gave most of their stuff to a couple expecting their first baby. As they got older, clothes and toys would get ripped or discolored fast. That made it easy to throw a lot out! Only a few cute infant socks, shirts, and toys survived, and I want to hang onto them for as long as we have extra space.
Medical/Health Issues?? / Re: Hysterectomy?
« Last post by Bev1960 on Yesterday at 04:08:56 PM »
Thank you ladies for your nice replies! Yes, I did have the easy way and not 'cutting' me open (ick) so recovery was a lot easier. Feeling better every day. :)
Every Day Conversations / Re: Adult Children that have Moved back IN?
« Last post by FeelingBetter on Yesterday at 09:50:56 AM »
Hi Maryb.....sounds like you are a bit unsure of just what to do? Is your son being there putting a big burden on your budget? I know you want to help but at the same time you can't go broke! It's very nice of ya'll to let him stay there to help get himself out of debt but......? Is there anyway he could chip in a little to help with food or other expenses? He has to know that it is costing you a lot more with him living there. Do you have any idea of how much longer it is going to take for him to be able to move out on his own? Can  you handle it till then?

Wish I could help you out more but sounds like you are just going to have to come up with a plan that will be good for all of you (if possible!)

Good luck!  :big hug smiley sign:
Our Empty Nest / Re: Emotions
« Last post by FeelingBetter on Yesterday at 09:41:52 AM »
Hi Guineagirl, sometimes we need to 'rant' although that didn't really sound like a rant, just normal feelings. I remember I went through some of that in the beginning, the ups and downs. I'd think I was doing great then poof, I'd get visits, they'd leave and I'd feel down again. But, it will eventually get better so hang in there! Maybe have some plans to keep you busy after she leaves from a visit or when you come back from one?

I think we all worry about them taking care of themselves but they learn!

 :grouphugsign: :grouphugsign:
Staying Healthy As We Age! / Re: Taking care of your skin
« Last post by noodle on June 17, 2019, 11:21:35 AM »
Did you know that foods that are high in white carbohydrates and sugar can make you age faster? I am looking to add more protein in my diet by consuming foods like fish, beans and legumes. What other eating habits can you recommend?
It's been hard for me to avoid sugar. It seems to be in everything. I would also recommend eating more fruit and vegetables and drinking more water. Summer is a great time to do this!
Our Empty Nest / Emotions
« Last post by Guineagirl on June 17, 2019, 05:31:13 AM »
Are anyoneís emotions so up and down as mine seem to be.  We met the half way distance yesterday with our daughter and I feel very down today.  Usually we see her for a couple of days and selfishly the day went so quickly.  Just donít seem to be getting much better, I thought I was then go downhill again another time with my emotions.  Nobody to chat to only my counsellor who I donít see for two weeks.  I see my daughter in 4 weeks it seems to long away though.  As she lives on her own I have times were I worry about her doing everything for herself especially money.    Rant over
Every Day Conversations / Re: Adult Children that have Moved back IN?
« Last post by MaryB on June 15, 2019, 06:56:39 PM »
Hi Elizabeth!  :039:
Yes I am having issues here,  and yes I am addressing them.   I cant be the only one that faced the changes in the adult children.  They leave one way and come back a complete other!  I keep thinking the child I raised is in there down deep somewhere!  I keep waiting for him to surface! 
My situation is a bit different because my son wants to move out and just cant yet.  He came back in such deep dept and has done great for a year, but is not out of the woods yet. 
Since going thru this I have heard 2 other's that let the child move back in with no cost, and I just think oh ho!!!!!!  lol
Medical/Health Issues?? / Re: Hysterectomy?
« Last post by Elizabeth on June 15, 2019, 06:28:10 PM »
Hi Bev, glad to hear you are doing ok now. I take it you had the liposuction since you mentioned only staying overnight in the hospital?
Every Day Conversations / Re: Adult Children that have Moved back IN?
« Last post by Elizabeth on June 15, 2019, 06:26:05 PM »
Hi Mary, I take it your son is still staying with you? Although I haven't had to deal with this directly I did have a good friend a few years ago have something similar happen.

Her son moved back home but was only supposed to be for about 6 months so they told him he didn't have to pay any rent, just get back on his feet till he found a new job and place of his own. Well 6 months came and went and he was still there and working a nice job but not helping out in any way. They finally had a talk with him and told him he was welcomed to stay on but he was going to have to start chimping in by paying some rent to help towards paying the bills that were a lot higher now.

I remember her telling me that he didn't seem to happy with it at first but they stood their ground. He ended up paying rent and then found a place of his own a few months later.

Guess it's really going to be up to you and your husband. Is he standing with you on this one? If so then you should come up with a figure and discuss it with him. You shouldn't be going into debt to support him when he is working and making his own money now. At some point he needs to stand on his own, especially if you are having trouble getting along? He needs to stand on his own two feet sooner or later.

Who knows how it will go but won't know until you try. Just have to be prepared for the outcome.

Good luck!
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