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I heard different opinions regarding correct dieting in terms of eating. Some say that we should eat 3 times a day with heavy meals during meal times. Others say that we can have frequent light meals throughout the day. Which one do you think actually works?
I heard about losing nutrients with cooking vegetables. I agree that steaming and roasting is a good way of cooking vegetables but not with microwave. Call me crazy, but I don't have a microwave oven at home. We have an electric oven instead.
Staying Healthy As We Age! / Re: Thinking of trying out some herbal tea
« Last post by MomOfTwo on Today at 03:16:05 AM »
Another one I enjoy is green tea with brown rice, which tastes even mellower than regular green tea.

This is my first time to hear about green tea with brown rice. How do you do that? Is it a ready-to-mix product or do you make it from scratch?
Our Pets! / Re: Tell me about your pets
« Last post by Guineagirl on November 17, 2018, 12:05:21 PM »
Do you have any cats, dogs, horses, hedgehogs, or anything else that you adore and spoil?  I'd love to hear a little about them.  We've been without pets since my daughter moved out for the second time and took her dog with her.  I'm hoping to get a dog or cat real soon.  I just gotta talk my hubby into it.

Aww you must miss the doggy.  Itís great if you can have a dog.  My husband does not like any animal.  I love animals and get drawn to dogs being walked in the street and stroke them :(  my favourite animal is Guineapigs hence my member name, sadly I had my guinea of six put to sleep last year and canít have another as visiting our daughter itís not feesable.  I think if we are able and love animals they bring such joy and do fill a gap.  My friend has a King Charles spaniel and I got a forehead lick from him yesterday, I love him to bits. X
EMPTY NEST MOMS....EATING LOW CARB "MY WAY" / Re: Raw or Cooked Vegetables
« Last post by noodle on November 17, 2018, 09:24:14 AM »
A few vegetables gain an antioxidant or two from cooking, such as carrots, eggplants, tomatoes, and red peppers. Those last two will lose vitamin C, though.
Every Day Conversations / Re: Thanksgiving Plans?
« Last post by Layla on November 17, 2018, 05:45:19 AM »
That wild rice dressing sounds good! Please let us know how it turns out.

My daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving, and I'm really looking forward to it. She and I are planning to cook dinner together, though I will be up much earlier than she is to get it started, I'm sure. It'll be great to have her home for Thanksgiving.
Every Day Conversations / Re: Relieving pain by downsizing
« Last post by Layla on November 17, 2018, 05:25:56 AM »
I just went through a cleaning spree where I cleaned our garage, attic, and closets. I donated a bunch of stuff we don't use anymore but that someone else could get some use out of. It was good to declutter a little, but I'm not sure it really helped ease my pain or loneliness.
Our Empty Nest / Re: What was the first step you took?
« Last post by Layla on November 17, 2018, 04:56:14 AM »
I try to distract myself by cleaning a lot, but there's only so much you can clean. I cleaned out our garage, our attic, our closets. It was a big project, but now it's all done, and I'm not quite sure what to do next.
Our Pets! / Re: Tell me about your pets
« Last post by girlchild34 on November 17, 2018, 01:14:13 AM »
We've also not had a pet for sometime now because the kids took them when they left. If all goes as planned, we are hoping to get a cat and dog early next year. Their presence brings some much-needed warmth even in the absence of people we are fond of.
Our Empty Nest Marriage / Re: Living on a Tight Budget
« Last post by girlchild34 on November 17, 2018, 01:10:51 AM »
Hey EN group, I've been gone from the site for a long time....lots has happened in my life in the last 3yrs. My kids are all grown and out of the house. I have gotten comfortable with them being gone now. They are doing well. I had Colon Cancer the last 2yrs in a row.....what I had required surgery both times. Fortunately, for me it was contained. Then last summer my husband passed away from a termanl illness he didn't know he had. Man, marathon of a life in the last 5yrs. So, not sure where to post new topics....hope this is a good place. I'll fill you in more as we go....glad to see some familiar names here. I hope some of my EN pals are doing better these days.
Hi Dana, you have been through a lot but I am just encouraged that you came out of it all much stronger. So sorry for the loss of your husband who must have been a great companion. I hope the kids now find more time to come and see you, despite their possibly hectic schedules. Take heart.  :hugs:
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