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QUESTIONS? / Re: Bread
« Last post by Jeanine on Today at 04:55:31 PM »
Alas, I have yet to find a good replace for 'real' bread but the wraps do work well, especially for a sandwich.

I also like the Mission brand JU2. They have a 'flour' one that I like for the sandwich and a wheat on that I like for the cinnamon sugar 'toast'. I put butter in the pan then the wrap, make sure you get butter on both sides then sprinkle low carb CS on both sides. It's good in place of toast with breakfast or you can add some fresh strawberries/blueberries then some 0 carb whipped cream (Land of Lakes). Makes a good dessert!

Don't forget about the no bake cream cheese pies you can make also! Yummie!!!

I think that is great that your hubby is able to get off his blood pressure medicine. This low carb eating is really great for a lot of health 'issues'. I always say if you can treat something the more natural way (eating right) then that is much better then having to take meds any day!

Keep up the good work ladies and we need to start sharing some more recipes. :snowman: :wavysanta:
Isn't it amazing how we still get nervous at our age when it comes to dating? You would think that with all our life experiences we would be past all that, but it doesn't work that way, does it? Those are some great tips to help reduce nervousness.
Empty Nest and being Single (again) / Table for six
« Last post by Blaire on Today at 04:32:29 PM »
I heard about this company that sets up group dinners for single seniors to meet and mingle with other singles of the opposite sex over dinner and drinks. Would you sign up for something like that?
Some birds have to be kicked out of the nest, and if my kids had turned out to be like that, then I would have had to use some tough love tactics to get them out of the house!
Kids returning home? Nest not so empty now? / Kids taking over the house
« Last post by Blaire on Today at 04:28:39 PM »
After the kids leave, you go through that whole phase where you miss them so much you think you're going to die, but you don't die. You learn to live without them and get into a new rhythm in your life... and then they move back home! What would you do if that happened to you? Would you undo your new routine to accommodate your kids once again?
Every Day Conversations / Went to school Christmas pageant.....
« Last post by Jeanine on Today at 04:23:41 PM »
Went to our grandson's school Christmas pageant, it was mainly all the grades (k-8) singing Christmas Carols. Was surprised the school auditorium was full. Snapped a pic afterwards. Just knew everyone would want to see it.... :rofl:

The Grieving Room / Re: Trying to Forget
« Last post by Jeanine on Today at 04:08:57 PM »
Oh Kidless, that is sad that you don't have more contact with your grandchildren. I am glad to hear that you got tagged on FB though, at least it shows she is thinking of you now and then. It could possibly be guilt as to starting a new life and being happy again. She probably wondered if that would  be possible again in the beginning.

I would be sure to reply to the tag and maybe start to gradually get back into contact again and see, if possible, if you could go visit them for a few days or even have them come stay with you a bit in the summer time?

I know it has been almost six years for us (2/12/18) and think it would about kill us if our dil moved away with our one and only grandson. We have been very fortunate that she is still living here (next block over!) and we see our grandson all the time.(He really loves his "Papa"!) She does have a boyfriend and has for a long time now. I do think they are talking marriage so another step we will have to get pass. It's hard to swallow sometimes, but life goes on and I know that it is still hard for her at times (we have some really good 'talks' now and then) but she is trying to move forward and think of her son.

There have been other hurdles we have (or all of us) had to get over but you keep moving on. Life is different now but still a good one....you just take deep breaths now and then and push ahead.

I would seriously though try and get back 'in touch' if just very slowly. I imagine the kids are growing up fast and 'we' aren't getting any younger. Don't want any regrets later on.

Myself, I'm wanting to travel a bit more (not far away places, just some fun short trips) with our grandson while we are still young enough to do so and before he gets older and doesn't really want to! Don't want to look back and say "Why....?"

So go for it lady! Make contact and see those grankids if only once or twice a year! You deserve it and so do they.  :111:
Every Day Conversations / Re: Decorated yet?
« Last post by Treasure on Today at 01:03:05 PM »
You two are on top of your game! How terrible is it that I haven't decorated yet? I keep thinking that I need to, it's only 9/10 days away, but just keep procrastinating now that the kids aren't around to enjoy it all season (usually they're my instigators). I better get it done this weekend!! We do at least have a tree up. Anyone else running way behind?
Our Empty Nest Marriage / Re: Travel Destinations
« Last post by Treasure on Today at 01:00:45 PM »
Mom56, those are some really great and detailed suggestions, thank you so much! You really know how to sell a place! Now I want to go to all of them. Costa Rica sounds like just the right fit - loads to do but allows for downtime as well. Although it sounds like most of the places you've listed would fit that well. I love that you all will be escaping the cold every winter - I can only imagine how cold it gets up there. That's such a nice idea.
Reading and Movies! / Re: Christmas movies
« Last post by haidyl on Today at 12:10:19 PM »
I have been pathetic with movies lately, but I suppose your suggestions will be a good starting point. It hadn't even hit me that Christmas is less than two weeks away?
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