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A "Different" kind of Empty Nest / Re: Marrying An Influential Person
« Last post by Gerri on Today at 09:21:37 AM »
I would try talking to her. If you don't, you will never know. I definitely wouldn't accuse her of anything, maybe just mention other differences other than money, because that is a sensitive topic anyway. I can imagine it makes you feel a little uneasy, but I am sure your daughter isn't ashamed of you or where she comes from.
Every Day Conversations / Childís first birthday
« Last post by ava on Today at 01:23:17 AM »
The son to my friendís eldest daughter is almost turning one and this couple is actually torn between organizing a big party or inviting just a few close friends, who have been part of the journey. I have mentioned to her that what matters is whether or not there is enough money to do so. My friend has said that it is more about their different personalities.
Hey Yosita, I always love to make impromptu calls because we agreed that the best approach would be to switch off the phone when the schedule is tight. It has been ok for us, thus far. MaryB, it is true that kids start pulling away at that age and most parents struggle to understand what that is all about.
A "Different" kind of Empty Nest / Re: Marrying An Influential Person
« Last post by ava on Today at 12:49:53 AM »
Well, I think she is head over heels the person she got married to, but still, this doesnít justify her failure to keep in touch, more frequently. In such instances, you can only hope that the husband is treating her well. Are you close to him?
A "Different" kind of Empty Nest / Re: Marrying An Influential Person
« Last post by MaryB on Yesterday at 07:09:01 PM »
 Hi Yosita!  No, absolutely not!  She is on her honeymoon!!!!  haha They are so absorbed in each other they cant see anyone else right now. 
Maybe you can call or text her to just let her know you are thinking of her.   :big hug smiley sign:
A "Different" kind of Empty Nest / Re: First son doesn't visit me
« Last post by MaryB on Yesterday at 07:05:56 PM »
Hi Joann..   I lost my son for years and thru it all I learned to NOT let the door close.  I mean dont sit back and wait for your son to notice or change, you see the problem,  talk to him about it, offering to meet him in the middle or something.  You see him pulling away towards his dad more, and that is because your x is doing a lot more talking (the squeaky wheel gets the grease)
Good luck to you.   :big hug smiley sign:
Our Empty Nest / Re: Last One Leaves For College Tomorrow
« Last post by MaryB on Yesterday at 07:03:20 PM »
That is so sad that the druggies have made it so the doctors wont even give us sleeping pills now thinking we are addicted! 
I'm sorry Kimber..     :big hug smiley sign:

A lot of kids start pulling away at around 14, when they'd rather talk to their friends instead of us.  If we could just get that thru to the young moms it may help when the kids do break away, but you cant tell them anything.  I met a woman at Walmart the other day, of all places,  and she was counting the days till her 12 year old and 14 year old would be off school for the holidays!  I thought oh boy she is in for a whole world of hurt!  We talked a bit and I told her to take my number that she may want to talk to me one day.  She said oh no, her kids and here were tight..   :(
My son about killed me and I wasnt even that stuck on him!   I wish she'd took my number
Our Empty Nest / Re: Challenging Time
« Last post by MaryB on Yesterday at 06:54:04 PM »
Awww Kimber,  your feelings are so very normal.  You have to give yourself time.  This will be hard but it just may help you, keeping your mind concentrating on the job at hand.  My heart goes out to you because I do see tears at random times for a while.  You'll get thru this, we all have.  Nobody likes it but you know it's what's best for your ds...   :big hug smiley sign:
Our Empty Nest / Re: Last One Leaves For College Tomorrow
« Last post by Kimber on Yesterday at 04:09:37 PM »
 :big hug smiley sign:   I just moved my son into a dorm yesterday.  It's not easy dropping them off and leaving, especially with pre-existing anxiety!  I've always struggled with anxiety.  Some days are better than others, but with all the activity, packing, preparing your mind for them not being at home, and the unknown come together and it's a lot to process.  I hope you're feeling a little more settled now your daughter is moved in?  I felt better speaking with my son today; he was excited, and getting things figured out. He likes his roommate, but his other roommate hasn't arrived yet, so my fingers are crossed they all are a good fit.

I used to be on anxiety medication for a short time, and it helped get me through a tough time, but my doctor retired and the new one doesn't like to prescribe anxiety meds.  She took me off it first visit a couple years ago.  I was disappointed at a recent appointment with her.  I told her about having severe panic attacks lately; I thought I was having a heart attack, then when nothing happened I thought something still must be wrong medically and went to urgent care (after hours) just to be safe. They told me to follow up with my doctor. So I went to see her and instead of getting treatment, she acted like me just bringing up anxiety medication was a sign I'm a drug addict.  I left there really upset like I was being judged unfairly.  I'm not looking to get high; I just want to find a solution to the problem of having a physiology that I don't want and can't control and is affecting my ability to function.

Just wanted to say I can relate to dealing with anxiety along with a child leaving home.  Hope it's getting better  for you!
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