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Every Day Conversations / Good manners
« Last post by haidyl on Today at 12:09:14 PM »
While on the train the other day, a young boy (probably aged 5) walked in and literally almost said hi to every passenger. People kept smiling and I must admit it was the sweetest thing ever. He might have been excited while doing this but isn't it a good thing when the children learn that saying 'hi' is a good thing? The world would definitely be a better place with more of such people.
Venting! / Re: Dishonesty
« Last post by Krista on Today at 05:50:04 AM »
I actually did face this situation, and it broke my heart.  I had a friend who lied to me about nearly everything.  I told him that I knew he was lying all the time, but that did not change his behavior at all.  It got to be too much in the end, and we parted ways and haven't spoken since.  It really takes a lot for me to break a friendship, but honesty is of utmost importance to me.
Venting! / Re: The Pink Tax
« Last post by Krista on Today at 05:45:41 AM »
Thank you for sharing this, @Bewitched.  I knew that hygiene products for women cost more than men's, but I had no idea the pink tax applied to shoes, clothes, and even toys!  That's really not right.  I hope that the companies starting to complain about this will be the beginning of a much-needed change.
You can never go wrong with a mimosa!

Mojitos used to be my go-to for summer drinks but I've recently found a new favorite - jalapeno and cucumber margaritas. I'm a big fan! If you'd rather do something easier, gin and lemonade is also delicious! If you're looking for something non-alcoholic, sparkling lavender lemonade is to die for! The recipe for that is right here (I use club soda rather than sparkling water, I don't know if it makes a difference) and the margarita recipe is here (let it sit for a few hours if you like spicy drinks).
Gardening! / Re: Are your veggies and herbs coming in?
« Last post by Henley on Today at 03:43:23 AM »
I'm sure that your community is thankful for the overabundance of vegetables in your garden! We have some bell peppers, hot peppers, and more okra than we know what to do with. I'm sorry to hear about your eggplant woes! I wish I could help but I've never grown them myself. What kind of flowers are you growing? My hydrangeas were looking beautiful but they're starting to fade.
A "Different" kind of Empty Nest / Re: The cage of addiction
« Last post by Henley on Today at 03:35:25 AM »
That's a beautiful and inspiring video. It makes you wonder why we can't do things the way that Portugal does it. I think that turning to drugs definitely has something to do with your "cage", but you can't ignore the chemical dependency either. I think rehabs tend to focus too much on the latter though, at least the ones we've dealt with.
I'm so sorry to hear this, Marie. I haven't been in this situation myself, but I remember dating a handful of guys that were bad news. Unfortunately, when my parents directly confronted me about it, I withdrew from them. That's not to say your daughter will do the same. We're all different. But if she thinks she's in love with him, then it's a precarious situation.

Did you say anything when her boyfriend called her names in front of you? I think, if it were me, I would probably try to make that an opening. It could be the wrong move, but maybe try calling him out when something happens around you. It might embarrass her or make her angry, but it plants a seed that his behavior is inappropriate.

Now I'm imagining all of the ways that could go wrong but, unfortunately, I don't think there's anything you can do that would guarantee a positive outcome. Are you very close with your daughter? Has she opened up to you about him or her relationship?
Venting! / The Pink Tax
« Last post by Bewitched on Yesterday at 10:59:13 PM »
Whenever I go shopping and have to buy similar items for my husband and I, I always think about how my items are always more expensive than his. The thought usually vanishes as soon as it appears and I've never really thought about how much these small differences add up. I saw this video on Facebook yesterday and was absolutely floored by how prevalent and costly the pink tax really is. I thought I'd share this with you all. Think blue!

The Pink Tax
Every Day Conversations / Re: Police lip-sync videos
« Last post by Bewitched on Yesterday at 10:20:39 PM »
Oh, these are so fun! I'm not necessarily a fan of the music but for some reason I love lip-sync challenges. I got hooked when Jimmy Fallon started doing them on his show. This '80s inspired one has been my favorite so far!
Our Empty Nest / Re: I'll admit it - I'm a slob and it's problematic
« Last post by Bewitched on Yesterday at 10:16:45 PM »
Slob was a bit of an overstatement (although my husband would disagree). I've always preferred calling myself a packrat and clutter-prone.

Company is always good motivation. I can certainly tidy things up quickly when I want to, I just don't usually feel inclined to do so...unless I'm procrastinating something else or it's reached a certain level of clutter.
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