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Taking care of our Elderly Parent(s) / Re: Hard Headed Folks
« Last post by cherie on Today at 12:04:10 PM »
My parents are up there in age and both live on their own. Luckily, they are still able to take care of their selves for the most part, but they are both hard headed. One still smokes even though the doctor said to quit. The other's vision and reflexes are slowly going, but still insist on driving. I'm often left wondering what I am going to do with them.
Sorry to ask, but is there a bit of that hardheadedness in you too? (just kidding). See, all you can do is play your part in just telling them the facts. It's been said that it is hard to quit smoking so I am not surprised that your dad hasn't decided to quit yet. At the end of they day, your duty is to show them love all the time, despite the challenges.
Every Day Conversations / Getting along with the in-laws
« Last post by cherie on Today at 11:58:28 AM »
Is it possible to get along with everyone in his side's family? I don't think so. Should you go the extra mile to always prove a point and make yourself appeal to them? Absolutely not! There are some of them that I get along well while for some, we can never go beyond a greetingi. People will always have a perception of each other and all it requires is the avoidance of any events that would lead to bad blood.

Well, that is my view but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this 'weighty' matter, depending on how you want to look at it.
Well, I look at the senior couples around and all they seem to enjoy is each other's company. I was at this restaurant one day and while the wife was reading a book, the hubby was perusing the day's paper. Surely, at that age, they have gotten to know each other fully and nothing much can change. They have probably learned to live with each other.
That's exactly right! After everything we've done and been through, no man (or woman) should be able to unsettle us to the point of being uncomfortable. Having butterflies is one thing, but keep your confidence up so your nerves don't get the best of you.
Taking care of our Elderly Parent(s) / Re: Hard Headed Folks
« Last post by Flower on Today at 10:56:12 AM »
Some of them definitely don't make it easy on us as they move into their golden years. My dad reminds me so much of my grandmother when she was his age and the funny thing is that she used to drive him crazy. Now he's the one driving me crazy! I think all we can do is be there for them and try to keep them mentally and physically active, but we also need to make some tough decisions, like taking car keys away.
Every Day Conversations / Re: What are you giving up for Lent?
« Last post by Flower on Today at 10:45:01 AM »
I have a terrible potty mouth, so I usually try to focus on that every year. So far, I haven't had a year when it worked it out really well, but I keep trying.

I'm not sure what to tell you about penance because if you're Catholic, that should come from a priest. A couple of soda slip-ups will probably only be some extra prayers, though.
Our Pets! / Re: Getting attached
« Last post by Quiet Abode on Today at 09:07:57 AM »
I think it can help, it just depends on the people involved.  It would give them something positive to focus on and it would pull their attention away from constant grieving.  I always hate to hear that a family lost a pet.  I know how heart-wrenching it is. 
Every Day Conversations / What are you giving up for Lent?
« Last post by Quiet Abode on Today at 08:55:20 AM »
We are one week into the season of Lent.  For those who observe this time of self-denial in any form, what are you giving up?  How is it going so far?

I'm fasting from Coke and fast food.  I usually have an iron will when it comes to Lent, but not this time.  I've already slipped up twice and grabbed a Coke without thinking about it.  I need to pay a penance, but haven't decided on what that will be.  Any ideas?
Empty Nest.."What's Next" for you?? / Re: Downsizing
« Last post by nvgt16 on Yesterday at 02:45:12 PM »
Well, after several extended months of living at my friend's house, I finally have a closing date for both of my houses, February 28th!!! Just hope the rest of this journey goes much smoother than the adventure has been since mid November when I drove down to Florida. I've scheduled the movers to come this Saturday to my house to pick up my things and then delivery will hopefully be March 1st, next week..day after closing. Any thoughts on the moving please pass on. My RI realtor will be at my house supervising the move from there. I so need a vacation but will be so glad to get my cats and myself in our own house very soon.
Every Day Conversations / Re: Struggling with finances
« Last post by haidyl on Yesterday at 01:22:27 PM »
It should definitely be taught in schools, but I think it gets confusing when the kids cannot see this in practice, at home. I also struggled a lot in my 30s and I have never forgiven myself for some financial mistakes I made. Still, there's always a price to be paid whenever wrong decisions are made and the easiest way out, is to learn from them and instill discipline in those that come after us.
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