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Join your husband to what he likes to do. Even trying to have an interest in what our husbands are doing will make them talk. However, as girlchild said, we must know how to balance it because when we push our husbands too hard, then they might totally shut down.
Our Empty Nest / Re: Still sad
« Last post by MomOfTwo on Today at 04:46:09 AM »
Many people say that time heals everything. I beg to differ because it is truly hard to let go of our children whom we took care of. We surely want to see our children as often as possible, but we have to respect their independence no matter how much we miss them.
Our Empty Nest / Re: How should we prepare?
« Last post by David on Yesterday at 11:34:46 PM »
What helped was Skype, texting, calling and helping with any problems she had.  Knowing they can call anytime really helps them settle in.  We plan our next visit when we see her and vice versa, that has really helped.
Hello, Guineagirl.  Thank you for the warm welcome!  Don't apologize for your long post.  It's full of helpful information and I appreciate your taking the time to help.

So, how do I get my daughter to Skype, text, and visit us because I don't believe she's going to miss us one bit.  I'm close to my kiddo and I know she loves us, but she's outgoing, adventurous, and makes friends quickly.  I don't believe she'll have any problems settling in. I'm terrified that we'll rarely hear from her. 

I lurked here for ages before joining because I thought it might be for mothers and other women.  I asked the owner if fathers were welcome and she encouraged me to join and to participate.  My wife isn't worried about our daughter leaving- YET.  Right now she's in her mother hen mode.  She's helping our daughter gather everything she needs and culling her items down to the necessities because she'll be living in a tiny dorm room.  But I'm thinking ahead.  We're both going to worry to death when our daughter eaves.  I'm hoping to mitigate what I can so we don't become weeping zombies. 
Gardening! / Re: Are your veggies and herbs coming in?
« Last post by David on Yesterday at 10:53:06 PM »
It sounds like you've both had a great summer garden.  Our garden was a bust this year due to lack of rain and too much heat.  Even the berries on our blackberry bushes are sparse.
Kids returning home? Nest not so empty now? / Time moves really fast
« Last post by girlchild34 on Yesterday at 12:51:31 PM »
Kids grow very fast and all of a sudden, they are all out of the house. The interesting thing is that even though we speak often, it is never easy to get everyone visiting at the same time. We fancy them coming home from time-to-time but work and school commitments can hold them at different times. We try to all meet at least thrice a year but even when this is not possible, we have never, for a moment, failed to enjoy each others' company. Is there anyone else like me? When do you have your get-together?
My husband isn't the loud type as well, and I have learned to just let him be. He does not like being forced to talk just for the sake of it and whereas it may be difficult at first, you learn to let the conversations flow as time goes by, Striking that balance is an achievement that all of us aim for.
Our Empty Nest / Re: Still sad
« Last post by Guineagirl on Yesterday at 10:08:25 AM »
Im sorry about your son  :tinypinkflowers:  I think it will come to seeing her less one day, she has a car at the moment but once she moves nearer the city she will have to sell it, and once shes more settled we will see less of her.  We make the most of seeing her now but I get depressed that one day in the near future we will see less of her.  I see her again next weekend so look forward to it.   It must be hard your son living away from you. 
Kids returning home? Nest not so empty now? / Re: How To Deal With A Lazy Son?
« Last post by MerryMe on Yesterday at 07:47:26 AM »
My nephew visited us last week and he came here to relax. During his stay, he told me that he never intended to stay at home with his parents. He wanted to work also, but he needed time to recover from his emotional stress as he broke up with his girlfriend. Sometimes, it is easier for us to judge people without actually knowing what they are going through. I'm happy that he spent time with us so he can let his feelings straightened out.
Our Empty Nest / Re: Still sad
« Last post by MerryMe on Yesterday at 07:40:42 AM »
Hello again. I'm glad to hear that you had a great time with your daughter. How I wish my son can go home as often as your daughter does. My son works in another country so we will be lucky if we see him once a year.
Venting! / Re: Taking Illegal Drugs
« Last post by MerryMe on Yesterday at 07:35:52 AM »
My son's close friend have confided in my son about his condition. He cannot cope with the pressure of his studies because his parents are expecting him to have high grades. I'm glad that my son is open to me with his problems and we try to solve things together.
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