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Rekindling an old hobby


We went camping a few weeks ago, and it brought back fresh memories of how we loved to do so as a family. It also made us realize that it is easy to abandon a hobby when your nest suddenly empties. We hope to have everyone aboard our next camping and hiking trip.

We used to go fishing until the kids started living on their own. It hasn't been easy getting everyone on board, but once in a while, we go for nature walks or fishing. Does everyone in your family enjoy camping?

My kids and I used to play mini-golf a lot. Maybe we'll all go do that again on one of their school breaks. It seems harder and harder to spend time as a family as the kids grow up and move away, doesn't it?

I used to really enjoy entertaining friends, but it seems like we have lost many friends over the years as they have begun traveling as soon as they retired. I am thinking of organizing an evening and just invite friends and wait and see who shows up.


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