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There are many coloring books for adults out there and I'm recently in love with them. Coloring takes time but it is worth it. Now I finally understand why many people consider coloring as a therapy.

You know, I've thought about getting an adult coloring book. I have more time on my hands now, and I hear it can be a great stress-reducer.  I think I'll go to the bookstore this weekend and see what they have. Do you have any suggestions, Cheers?

Thatís actually a pretty good idea. I have also seen many coloring books and they all look beautiful. Though for me, I like drawing more than coloring. Itís also relaxing.

I'm thinking about getting myself an adult coloring book. My granddaughter loves to color, and she likes it when I sit down and color with her. Do you have any recommendations for a book to start off with, Cheers? I've seen many with intricate designs, but I think I'd like something with animals or landscapes more.


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