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After my husband passed away, I have started trying different things to distract myself. Maybe I'm more of a quiet person. I found reading the best. After I started reading more, my perspective seems to have changed too. I never realised the power of books and words before.

Hey Cheers, welcome to the forum. So sorry for the loss of your husband because it seems that the two of you were really close. You can always cherish the memories and find joy in the good times you had.

You know Iím halfway through my current read and coming across this post was just timely. There is such a great power in reading and I agree that it completely changes oneís perspective of life.

Thank you haidyl, this is such a lovely comment. I never knew reading could be that fun. It's like opening up a new world that I have never discovered before. I tend to read books that are talking about the meanings of life. I am always inspired.

Hi, Cheers, and welcome. I don't read as often as I should, but when I do I like biographies or stories about people who overcame pain, like The Glass Castle.


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