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Playing Mobile Games


Mobile game is the game of the millennial age. That doesn't mean that we, who are older than them, cannot play these games as well. I play Wordscapes when I'm waiting for a ride or someone.

I usually play Sudoku, an interesting logic-based number-placement puzzle. Has anyone of you ever played this game before? We can't catch up with the millennials though!  :rofl:

The game of the Millennials is fast paced that I can't catch up with them, much less understand the concept of the game they are playing. I can play Candy Crush once in a while but it won't exercise my brain. I like Sudoku but Sudoku doesn't like me so...  :dunno:

I enjoy a little Candy Crush when I want a bit of a distraction. To exercise my brain a little, I like to play Words with Friends (basically Scrabble). I have learned some new words since I started playing it.


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