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Selling handmade goods


I used to do a lot of knitting many years back but I also know a good friend who produces a lot of handmade goods, as a hobby. I challenged her to think of monetizing this and she tasked me with checking for online options. Apart from eBay, which other sites can you recommend?

etsy.com is all I can think of.  Good luck and let us know.  I know there are a few of us here that would be open to ideas for some cash flow too! 

I have heard of Etsy before but it costs a fee to publish a listing plus there's normally another transaction fee on the sale price. Have you also tried to check any local stores around the neighbourhood?

One option is joining buy and sell Facebook groups. There are tons of them and they tend to be extremely active. I always see people selling stuff. Facebook is also free to post on, and there would be no transaction fee.

Etsy was the first site that came to mind for me, but here are a few others.

Aftcra - This one doesn't charge a listing fee, but it does charge a transaction fee.

Bonanza - This site has no listing fees, and it allows you to sync your listings with other sites, like eBay.

Homemade at Amazon - This might be a good option for getting your name out there, but the fees are higher than other sites.

Good luck!


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