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Rekindling my love for photography


I thought that with all the free time at my disposal, it would be very easy to rekindle my love for a past hobby. I used to be a great photographer back in the day and I was really determined to start off from where I left. It hasn't been easy to get that energy to start out with a few YouTube movies.

Would it be more beneficial and/or easier to enroll for a class?

It might be, as long as you live close to a learning institution. It also depends how dedicated you are to re-learning the craft. If it's a casual hobby, it may be more cost effective (I'm assuming classes would cost money?) and convenient to self-learn on the internet. It all depends what you prefer, though!

It would be great to join the class for the human contact!  You would benefit in more ways than one!  I'm happy for you!  Go for it!   :smileyholdingflower:

I also agree that it would make a whole difference if you got into a real class. Learning on your own using media like YouTube requires a lot of discipline and dedication. I wish you well in this journey!


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