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Thinking About Final Wishes


My dad is going in for a knee replacement this week. It should go just fine, but there's always risk when having surgery. So my dad made me his medical power of attorney, meaning I can make medical decisions for him if he's not able to make them for himself. We've talked about what he wants, and I know that while it would be very difficult for me, I could follow his wishes.

It got me to thinking about what situations I would or would not want to be on life support if it ever came to that. There are many different scenarios, and they are all really scary to think about.

Have you all thought about what you would want in certain medical situations?

Good luck to your dad and prayers for an easy surgery and quick easy recovery...
I am not one to answer this one, because it is such a personal opinion and like you say so many different things could sway it.. 
Good luck to you too....   :cute group hug:


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