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For Everyone Taking Care Of Their Parents


Thank you.

Thank you for keeping a socially healthy tradition alive. More people should be doing this as it keeps family bonds strong.

You guys and gals are great. Keep up the good work. :13: :big hug smiley sign:

Quiet Abode:
What else can you do but pitch in?  I think society expects it and so do most of our aging parents.  I admire those who provide care, but I don't think there are tons of options.  Getting old is expensive.

I agree...   You are wonderful unselfish people!   :big hug smiley sign:

Thank you, Indiana!

When my mom first got diagnosed with Alzheimer's, I promised her that I would not put her into a nursing home until we just couldn't do everything she needs us to do. Even when she does have to go to a nursing home, I will visit her daily. I just know that when she hits the advanced stage of the disease, I won't be able to care for her alone. But until then, I want her to be with us, living as comfortably as she can. She did so much and sacrificed so much to raise me, I feel it's the least I could do for her.


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