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Hi everyone!  :tinypinkflowers:  I have posted here before about exercising and I realized that I have being unsuccessful in trying to find a new hobby. I used to enjoy reading, but for some reason it just makes me uneasy, I can't find the time to read a book. Or, I don't MAKE the time to read a book. I am looking for new hobbies, something you can do and start when you're over 70.

I do exercise regularly except that over the past few months, this hasn't been the case. I know that I am the one responsible for all the laxity, always finding excuses. Reading and watching documentaries have become my newest hobbies and as you say, it is almost always about making/creating time.

Watching documentaries is what I like to do if I'm not reading a book. Walking around the garden, if you have one, is a good exercise. We can also visit or invite friends so we can spend time chatting about our past experiences.

I really enjoy knitting. I only know how to do the basic stitch, but it allows me to make scarves. I can do it while I'm watching television, too. I love to read, but I find it hard to focus sometimes. Maybe you could try an audiobook.

If you'd like to exercise, maybe you could try a gentle or low-impact exercise program like yoga or water aerobics.

I enjoy walking or doing puzzles, depending on my energy level. If you have some friends to do things with, you can do little outings like go shopping or go out for a small lunch. I always enjoy getting out as much as I can.


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