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Keeping active with bad joints

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Hi everyone! Ever since my children left the house I have been trying to keep in shape as much as I can, although it is quite difficult. I try walking outside every day but I am looking for some other activities that I can do by myself or with my friend that are fun. Keep in mind, I have bad knees so I can't do extensive workouts. What do you do to keep active?

I was in a similar situation a few years back and it took me some time to find the right company. I avoid the evening outs as much as I can. Besides swimming, I will sometimes walk or play chess, depending on the availability of time. Sorry about your knees and I hope you find someone to tag along, soon.

Walking might hurt the knees no matter how slow we walk. I recommend walking in a waist-deep swimming pool. I also suggest that you ask your physician about the best activity that will not hurt your knee.

Have you thought about joining a water exercise class for people with arthritis?  You don't necessarily have to have arthritis to join. All you usually need is a note from your doctor stating that you would benefit from the water exercise class.  The class goes through low-impact exercises.  You can meet some new people there, too, and it's kind of fun. 

Thank you all so much for your kind suggestions! I think I might try going to the local pool. I know they have some group activities so I should check that out. Hopefully that will be easy on the knees and I may meet some people there as well.


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