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Finding Patience


 When the kid was at home, we had some very harsh words for each other at times.  She was a wild one and being a single mom didn't help.  I had no patience with her.  Working two jobs, trying to take care of her and trying to get some sleep was enough for anyone.  Since she has flown the coop and now has children of her own, I find that I have more patience with myself, everyone around me and life in general.  I guess you just don't realize how much stress you are under until it's gone.  I don't think I'm alone here.  Right?

I get where you are coming from especially because as you say, this is not something that used to happen all the time. If you can look back at those instances and laugh them off now, I believe you are really good to go!

I'm still struggling with that idea. I wonder why I can't be as successful as you are... Do you think the patience comes because your free time is completely for yourself? Years living with others can make us forget about who we really are. I guess I should start paying attention to myself more before thinking of others.

You certainly aren't alone! I notice the same thing with my grand children. It is probably because the pressure is off. Raising children, especially daughters can be very, very tedious and once we feel like we can let go, the tension disappears and we find ourselves again.


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