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Author Topic: How would you describe your "empty nest" now that your kids are all on their own  (Read 187 times)

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Offline cherie

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We all probably agree that it is never the same after the kids leave. I have never forgotten how it felt for us after dropping our youngest child off at college. The ride back home was filled with a lot of thoughts and none of us spoke for the entire journey. Whereas he seemed to move on quickly, I couldn't stop calling our daughter endlessly. She wouldn't pick at times and this just unsettled me further.

Looking back, I think I was too worried at some point, forgetting that these were adults, who were starting a phase that we had also gone through, several years back. In as much as those feelings come back every time they visit and leave, I have learned to always keep myself busy, just so that my mind doesn't wander.

How different has it been for you? Did you discover a new talent or volunteered after the last one left?

Empty Nest Moms

Offline BettyBoop

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I only had one and she lives right behind me on another street.  I have always been involved with her and the two grandsons. We are both single moms so I guess I have helped her through some tough times.  However, the grandsons are now growing up and that's where my empty next comes in.  They were with me every day.  I babysat, fed, clothed and helped them with their homework.  At times I feel rather lonely.  My good friend and neighbor moved away and it's really lonely.  I have been trying to garden more and begin to put my house in order.  I also like to read.  I'll get through it but it sure is hard sometimes. 

Offline Treasure

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This is my second time going through the empty nest phase. I had the first one after the kids moved out. My eldest son moved back home for a couple years but he found his footing and moved out. Now, I feel like it's my third time because our dog recently passed. All my dependents are gone! I know this empty feeling will pass with time, or at least it won't be a constant ache. Every once in a while, I still yearn for all of my kids to be at home. I find I miss them most at dinner time. That was always our family time.

I've found some hobbies to take up some of the time. For example, I've gotten really into crossword puzzles. I like that it's a fun way to give my brain some exercise. I've learned a lot of new words and cheat way less often than I used to! I've been considering getting a job but haven't made any moves on it so far. I'm also working on getting back in shape and trying to live a healthier lifestyle so I can be around for my future grandbabies!

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