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Important info for new (or previous) guest/visitors!
« on: June 23, 2017, 07:34:30 AM »
Please note that Guest/Visitors will need to register in order to post in any of the topics on the Forum.  Don't worry though, it only takes a moment to register.

We have many conversations going on so do feel free to join in or start one of  your own!

Below are just a few of the topics and conversations going on. New ones are started all the time. There are many to read and lots of support for those of you having a tough time getting through this phase. You are NOT alone in this! Many have come and gone through the years and hopefully feeling better for sharing their experience with their "Empty Nest" with others. So there may very well be someone here just waiting to get a little support from  you! We also have a lot of 'fun' boards and conversations going on too.....we all need a little of that in our lives. :13:

"Empty Nest"....What's Next for you? (first post)Did you expect it to be so lonely? When my son first moved out, I felt so lost. Even though I still had my daughter at home, it just was not the same without him. I wish I had prepared myself for this years ago, but I guess I just never thought about it bothering me so. Did you ever think about how you'd feel when your kids moved out on their own? Did you expect it to be this lonely?" Another post: Is an Empty Nest all that's Empty? Now that all of the kids are gone, raising their own families, college, whatever, is the nest the only thing that is empty? How about your heart? How about your mind? How about your wallet? Anything else? Before you can remedy any of these things, you have to identify the lacks, thereof, and then proceed from there. Any thoughts about your particular situation as it stands now and what to do about it?"

"Our Empty Nest Marriage" (Post from a Member)The Sparks Gone...Hello....I've been visiting for a while and decided to join up when I saw this topic. We been married 30 years, have 3 kids all grown and on their own. None married yet and no grandchildren. I'm not sure just how much longer we will stay married as I think the spark has left.He never seems to want to do anything but play golf or hunt with his friends. I've tried to get him to go places or do a few things but he just doesn't seem to want to. I'm not sure if it is me or he is just so 'settled' in his married life that he doesn't think he needs to do anything.Has anyone had this problem? and did you find anything to do to bring it back? No attention all interest seems to be else where. He doesn't even seem to be interested in being 'romantic' if you get my drift. I don't think he is 'fooling' around, no real signs there. I just wonder why we are even together when we don't seem to be 'together'.

"Our Empty Nest(A members post) Problems letting go...."I know my children are adults now, but I have trouble adapting to not having them around. I don't want to cling and get in the way, but I keep thinking I haven't heard from them in ages. Then I remember I spoke to them just last night, but it doesn't feel that often because I'm used to them always being here to talk to. How do I deal with this? DH works away from home, so I'm alone a lot of the time. My friends are all a bit younger, and their children are at home, and now I'm feeling cut out of what they talk about."Remember these are just a few of what  you can find members talking about on the board.We are here for "You"! So why not register and 'talk to us?" We'd love to hear from you and can always use your 'input'. :039:  :13: 

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