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Welcome to Empty Nest Moms!

“Empty Nest Syndrome” Think you might be suffering from it?

“Letting Go” as your children start to leave the home can be a hard thing to do for some parents.

The Empty Nest Moms Community is a great place where you can meet other moms that are dealing with a lot of what you are feeling now. There is “Life After the Nest Empties!”

You can connect with members and get a lot of support and suggestions on how to get yourself through this time. You will find moms who are just beginning to go through this, ones who are starting to feel better about it all and those that have come out the other side and realized that they really haven’t ‘lost’ their children, they are just developing a more adult relationship with them!

There is a large verity of topics to post in, from everyday life, menopause (yes we have to deal with that also at the same time as our Nest is emptying!) family, cooking, gardening and many more. Something for everyone because sometimes we just need to get our minds on other things.

We are a very friendly group and would love to hear from you! Feel free to join us and post all you want because sometimes just ‘talking’ about things and knowing there are others feeling as you do can be a big help.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me by CLICKING HERE

Thank You!!


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Member's Pets

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Member's Pets

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