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Our Picture Gallery!

FOR YOU "DIYers!!"

Welcome to Empty Nest Moms!

A community where moms can come together for some great conversations, laughs and support.

Think you might be dealing with "Empty Nest Syndrome"? Maybe you're just experiencing those "Empty Nest Blues"? Having trouble dealing or coping with your nest emptying and looking for a little "Empty Nest Support"? Check out the Empty Nest Stories and read how other Moms are coping with their nest emptying. You can also connect with other Empty Nest Moms on the Message Forum for help and support in getting through your empty nest.

***ENMoms Forum Newsletter!!***. We now have a new ENMoms Forum Newsletter! Keep up with what is going on in our Empty Nest Moms Community. New Conversations, ENStories, Updates on how some members are doing 'After their Empty Nest' and much more. To sign up click on the link in the Newsletter block to your upper left! Only takes about a minute. There will always be and easy "Unsubscribe" link in each newsletter.

***EMPTY NEST MOMS BOOKSTORE!***....Be sure to check out our new BookStore. You can find you favorite book to read. Just check out all the different categories to your right. You can also find your favorite DVD. Empty Nest Moms Bookstore Plus DVD's

*THE EMPTY NEST SHOPPING PLACE!* If you like to shop on line then be sure to check out our new shopping place! Click Here

We still have our old chatroom if you are interested in chatting with others. This can only be used by registered members though. There is a "Chat" link at the top row of links below the banner. Here you can find the settings in the lower right for your sounds, etc. Don't forget about the 'new' Shoutbox that you can see to your left. You can find quick announcements there or just leave a quick hi or short note from yourself.


The New Empty Nest Moms Bookstore! You can find many more books dealing with the "Empty Nest" here.

Best Seller Books from Amazon! Just looking for a good book to read? Try here!

They have Fantastic Products for the whole family, including your Pets!!

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

A NEW LOOK......!

Empty Nest Moms now has a brand new look! We are one big Community! Website and Forum all in one. Be sure to check it all out. We still have all of the ENM Stories, etc. that you can find links to below. We would love to have you join our Empty Nest Moms Community! We are a very friendly bunch and have many conversations going. Some dealing with how to handle our "Nest" emptying to how to handle our 'aging' skin! :) We are very versatile. Hope to see you on the boards.

When registering... it would be greatly appreciated if you could fill out as much of the profile fields as possible, especially the birthday date (year is optional!). We just want to be sure to wish you a "Happy Birthday". Also, let us know if you were a past member on the old board that was taken down.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me by CLICKING HERE

Thank You!!


Our Picture Gallery!

We now have a picture gallery so be sure to check it out! This gallery can be seen by "Guest", but you won't be able to add a picture as you must be a registered member in order to do that. Right now we have three categories: The Pet Gallery...for all of our cute pets we love so much. Some of our Local Area/Scenery......Just some scenery of our river, creeks and the Gulf and maybe some other areas. Empty Nest Moms "Members" Gallery... Feel free to add some of your favorite pictures here. Family, local area, etc. Please add your Pet pitures to our Pet Gallery! If you need any help, just ask!

Empty Nest Moms

A Message To All Members and Guest A little about the site and what it's all about.

Helpful Hints on using the ENMoms Message Board You can check here for a little help getting around the board.

Empty Nest Mom Stories These are 'real' stories from Moms and their Empty Nest.

Personal Updated Stories from ENMoms These are 'Updates' from Empty Nest Moms who have been through the Empty Nest and starting to now enjoy it.

Our Empty Nest Pets We don't want to forget about our faithful pets!

Pamper Yourself Don't we all need a little of that?

Travel For those that like to "Book Your Own and Save"!

Testimonials Read what some Moms have said about Empty Nest Moms over the years.

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