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Welcome to Empty Nest Moms!

“Empty Nest Syndrome” Think you might be suffering from it?

The Empty Nest Forum has changed formats. You will now be reading past & recent “Life Experiences” from old and new members on how they are or have dealt with their Empty Nest and other Life situations that can arise at this time of our lives.

You will be able to make ‘comments’ to any of the stories that you read (and they are very much welcomed!). We would also love for YOU to share some of your Life Experiences with us! It helps very much for others to read and know they are not alone in their situations and that others have felt or going through some of the same feelings. More information on this will be on the Top Category on the forum along with other helpful guidelines so please be sure to take a few minutes to read everything (if you haven’t already done so).

“Letting Go” as your children start to leave the home can be a hard thing to do for some moms and dads. Yes, a lot of dads go through this also so we have devoted a Category for them too!

We still have our category dedicated to “Our Empty Nest Pets”! They are a very big part of our lives and can suffer too when those kids start living home. Let’s not forgot all of those poor dogs and cats just waiting for someone like you to adopt them and take them home. What a great companion they can make for you!

The Senior Years!

We now have a section devoted to our seniors and elderly care.

As we get our kids grown and on their own some of us may now be facing taking care of our elderly parents or other relatives. There will also be topics on the forum from member’s experiences dealing with just that. What do you do? Home Care? Assistant Living? How do you afford it all? Do you ask for help? If you are one of those members who have had experience with this then please share with those who may be looking for ways to cope with all of this and to help them prepare for the possibility.

Maybe you are a senior still on the go? No slowing down for you? You will find stories from some of you who are doing just that and what they are dong to fill their time and keep healthy.

So….”Welcome” to everyone and pop over to the Forum and start reading! Oh, and don’t forget to share your experiences with us, we would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me by CLICKING HERE

Thank You!!


Links of Interest

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Grand Loving Filled with Tips & Activities, great for all Grandparents.

Great Places Inc. A good reliable source for Baby Boomers with aging parents looking for housing and care options.

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